Challenge Cup agreement with HVGA:




  • Local and USGA Rules of Golf govern all play. Clearly written rulings for the course including local rules, OB, hazards etc. to the visiting team one month before Challenge Cup and agreed by both captains.



  • Each match score will be calculated pursuant to USGA rule 2, which governs Match play. The winner of each match will receive 1 point. The losing side will receive 0 point. In the event the match ends in a tie, each side will receive a half of a point.


Yardage requirement:

  • Challenge Cup will play no longer than 6600 yards and no shorter than 6500 yds.


Number of players:

  • Vietnamese or part Vietnamese only for 24 players. HVGA is allowed 2 non Vietnamese with qualification for Non Vietnamese below. DFWVGA currently allowed 1 non Vietnamese qualification for the Challenge cup

  • Maximum of 2 Non Vietnamese are allowed per year. 

Qualifications for Non Vietnamese Members*:

  • HVGA members: Total of the lowest 5 scores out of all the tournaments play during the year.

  • HVGA Players: Handicap must not be lower than the Highest Handicap of the Texas Cup Player.


The purpose behind having Non-Viet members participate in the Challenge Cup is to allow all members the opportunity to experience Match Play competition.  We hope this will help grow our club and generate more interests for HVGA and DFWVGA.


  • Dallas (DFW metropolitan areas and Suburbs) and Houston (City of Houston and surrounding suburbs) same year and location as Texas Cup. If the course cannot accommodate both Cups due to time constraint, it's up to the host team to find and negotiate another course for the Challenge Cup.


Match play formats:

  • ​Saturday morning round: Two-man Best Ball. 

  • Sunday morning round: Singles match


President Cup style of match pairing:

  • Captains will determine pairings from both clubs. Using President Cup style pairing, each captain takes turn to throw out a team or single player and the other captain will match. 

  • On Single Match, Captains from both teams are required to rank their players from 1-12 for Bracket A and 13-24 for Bracket B.

  • The Captains can only match players within their bracket (for example, Players in Bracket A can not play against Players in bracket B and vice versa). This applies to Singles play only.

Additional Info:

  • It is the responsibility of the Hosting club to relay all required information above to the visiting club in a timely manner.  It is also the responsibility of the visiting club to inquire, if not received.


  • Hosting club must disclose Course and Yardage requirement by June 1.


  • Tournament cost: Will be provide an estimate 2 months before Challenge Cup event (and exact cost 1 month before the Challenge Cup, if exact cost is not available 2 months before).


  • Trophy: has to be at the golf course for viewing and picture-taking on Saturday and Sunday mornings.


  • Trophy Presentation: There will be a formal trophy presentation at lunch on Sunday.


  • Practice Round: Schedule practice tee times for visiting team (preferably 1-2pm on Friday before Challenge Cup event). Negotiate in the contract with the Challenge Cup course for tee times up to 24 players for the visiting team. If the visiting team can’t make their tee times, it’s their responsibility to reschedule or cancel.

  • If we are playing at the same course as Challenge Cup, Challenge Cup matches will play first. Challenge Cup matches will immediately follow. If the course cannot accommodate both Cups due to time constraint, it's up to the host team to find and negotiate another course for the Challenge Cup.

  • Each year, the Challenge cup will only plays on 1 golf course.

  • Final list of 24 players and 2 subs must be delivered to other team 2 weeks prior to Challenge Cup event