Challenge Cup Team Qualifying:







The players ranked 25-48 with the most Ryder Cup Points System will automatically be selected to represent the DFWVGA Challenge Cup Team.


Qualifications to be on the team.

  • Vietnamese or part Vietnamese only for 24 players. 

  • Must be members of HVGA & DFWVGA.

  • HVGA members must have minimum of 5 rounds and be in the top 48

  • DFWVGA members must have minimum of 2 rounds and be on the top 48

  • Rank in the Ryder Cup Points system from 25 to 48. (2 players can be alternates of the Texas Cup)

  • If a player is qualified for Texas Cup but chooses not to play in Texas Cup, that player cannot participate in the Challenge Cup.

Number of players:

  • Vietnamese or part Vietnamese only for 24 players. HVGA is allowed 1 non Vietnamese with qualification for Non Vietnamese below.

DFWVGA is allowed 1 non Vietnamese qualification for the Challenge cup.

  • Maximum of 2 Non Vietnamese are allowed per year. 


Qualifications for Non Vietnamese Members*:

  • HVGA members: Total of the lowest 5 scores out of all the tournaments play during the year.

  • HVGA Players: Handicap must not be lower than the Highest Handicap of the Texas Cup Player.


The purpose behind having Non-Viet members participate in the Challenge Cup is to allow all members the opportunity to experience Match Play competition.  We hope this will help grow our club and generate more interests for HVGA and DFWVGA.

Earning Ryder Cup Points:

  • Ryder Cup points are awarded to members based on individual GROSS scoring at all the official DFWVGA tournaments.

Ryder Cup Points are percentage based. 

  • Tie Breaker (In the event of a tie for 48th)

Tie breaker:

  • Taking the lowest scoring average of the five most recent tournaments, or the number of tournaments available.

Captains pick

  • In case of player unavailability: 

  • In the event any player(s) rank 25-48 are unable to attend the Challenge Cup event, the Captain has sole discretion to select the alternate(s).

  • Player(s) that are unable to make the Challenge Cup must give the Challenge Cup Captain 2 weeks notice.

  • Challenge Cup Captain has overall decision on all Challenge Cup related issues that may arise that are not spelled out in the website. 

Challenge Cup Captain Contact Information: