The Race for The DFWVGA Championship is our new Club Championship. A club champion is a player who displays the ability to shot the lowest scores in multiple rounds.The winner will be awarded The DFWVGA Championship Bag. The bag will have Flight Champion on the ball pocket area with the DFWVGA logo on the side. You must be a member to be eligible to participate in the DFWVGA Championship

How it works

We will take the GROSS scores from the 2 Major tournaments and last tournament to count in the Race for The DFWVGA Championship. The combination of the 3 rounds will crowned you the Flight Champion if you have the lowest total gross scores. If you missed any of the 3 qualifying rounds, you will not be eligible for the Race for the DFWVGA Championship. You can't substitute any other rounds to the designated rounds.


The last tournament will only be 1 round. The updated Race for The DFWVGA Championship scores will be on the Championship standing page so you can keep track where you stand. 

  • If the designated Tournament is cancelled due to (course condition, weather...). The very next tournament in our club schedule will be count as the Major in the race for DFWVGA Championship. Tie-Breaker rules applied.

  • If the Final Tournament is cancelled due to (course condition, weather...). We will use the first 2 Major Tournaments to crown the champions in the race for DFWVGA Championship. Tie-Breaker rules applied.

Flight change request

  • if you are a higher index (Palmer Flight) flight and want to play in the lower index (Nicklaus Flight) flight, you can make a request. Once you moved to the requested flight after the first Major, you may not move back down. Same goes to the Player Flight requests. 

  • Lower handicap can not asked to move down to the higher index flight. For example.... Nicklaus Flight can not move down to Palmer Flight. Palmer Flight can not move down the Hogan Flight.

Nicklaus Flight

Players with index of 1-11.99 will be in this flight. 

Palmer Flight

Players with index of 12-15.99 will be in this flight. 

Hogan Flight

Players with index of 16-30 will be in this flight. 

The DFWVGA Championship

DFWVGA Champion Bag for winner of each flight

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