2019 DFWVGA Match Play

The 2019 Match Play tournament will be divided into 2 flights. A and B Flight. A Flight will be for handicap 1-13.99. B flight will be for handicap of 14-30. This will be a single elimination format. You win, you move on. 

All registration/entry fees will be placed in 1 pot for each flight. 1st and 2nd will be awarded


Handicap will be from 2018 rounds we use to calculate your handicap. Go to the member page to see your handicap. If you don’t have one please use your best judgment. If you tell us a fib, all the guys will call you a sandbagger.


We will have 2 flights.


A flight

1-13.99 handicap

              1st place 70% of pot.....$644

              2nd place 30% of pot..$276

B Flight

14-36 handicap

            1st place 70% of pot.....$196

            2nd place 30% of pot..$84


The entry fee will be $40. The pot will be distributed as the following.


1st place 70% of pot

2nd place 30% of pot

2019 Matchplay Rules:

  • Sign up deadline March 20th, 2019.

  • Match play champions of each flight will earn a spot in TX cup team.

  • To qualify for TX Cup, player must play a minimum of 2 tournaments sanctioned by DFWVGA.

  • Match play players must be Vietnamese (at least one parent of Vietnamese descent)..Because TX Cup Rules.

  • A Flight: DFWVGA Handicap index from 0 - 13.99

  • B Flight: DFWVGA Handicap index from 14 - up

  • Optional: $40 bet match play fee. 1st place get 70%, 2nd place 30%.  If you don’t put any money in and win first place, you earned a TX Cup spot but win no money.  If you put $40 in and came in 2nd place and if first place player didn’t put money in, you are the first place prize money winner (70%) but did not earn a TX Cup spot

  • Additional matches might be required due to ties for the money matches and we will make arrangements when the time comes or split the winning or the TX Cup captain will make the decision.

  • In case of any discrepancies that are not covered, the Texas Cup captain will make the decision or a coin toss if agreed upon.

  • All matches are 18 holes and handicap holes will determine winner in case of ties.  

  • Players will be paired during regular tournaments and must finish prior to the next tournament.  The player that shows up for for a tournament has the right to pick the course that is within 30 miles of the previous tournament course to finish their match.  If neither players show up, the match can be played at the course agreed by both players.  If there is no agreement, the TX Cup captain will make a final decision.  We will try to work with both parties as much as possible.  

  • If there any issues that are not covered, the TX-Cup captain will make decisions as needed with the board approval.



There will be no seeding.  The match play bracket for all flights will be done using a random bracket generator.  Brackets are generated using the bracket generator on http://www.challonge.com website. 

If your name is not on the brackets, please email dfwvga.info@gmail.com to our handicap chairman Kyle Tran who is the bracket generator by March 26th. 

Matchplay for 2019 brackets will start first tournament at Tangle Ridge. 

click on link to see bracket for your flight

A Fight

B Fight

First match will be at Tangle Ridge golf course. 

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