DFWVGA Handicap Rules

Rules for Handicaps & Golf Play

  1. DFWVGA tournament handicaps are maintained in accordance with the rules of the official USGA Handicap System and are monitored regularly by the Golf Committee and the Handicap Director.

  2. Accordingly, under USGA Rules, it is still the responsibility of the player to post his/her score to determine an accurate & current handicap.

  3. Upon completion of tournament played, each player is required to post/report a valid score to the club. Scores are collected during the active golf season from February thru September.

  4. Members with an established current DFWVGA handicap are eligible to participate in competitive club events including all tournaments and win trophies. A current handicap is defined as a score posted during the active golf season – with a minimum of two 18-hole scores required.  The end of the season handicap will be considered a valid handicap to start the following year, until valid scores are posted for the new golfing season.

  5. Regular random checks will be made by the Handicap Director and the Handicap Committee to assure that players are signing in and posting/report scores. If it is discovered that a player fails to turn in his/her score after tournament, or refuses to post a score, par will be given and the Golf Committee will be notified for possible disciplinary action up to and including disqualification.

  6. The Golf Committee has the right to adjust handicaps, if necessary. in consultation with the Handicap Director. Handicaps and the enforcement of their accuracy fall under the authority of the Golf/Handicap Committee.

  7. For tournament played, it is the responsibility of the Handicap Director to certify the accuracy & legitimacy of any player’s handicap. This process has been ongoing and will assure the accuracy and current status of each handicap/flight.

It should be noted that these updates to the existing “Handicap Rules” are being implemented to assure legitimate and accurate handicaps for all play at the club and to promote the honesty & integrity of golf among the playing members at DFWVGA as directed by our By-Laws.


In that spirit, members are asked to comply with these directives.

Flight Handicap as follow
Nicklaus Flight ≤0-7.99
Palmer Flight 8-15.99
Hogan Flight 16-30+