We are making our index system more current. In the past, we have used old tournament scores from years past and it's not reflective of our true current ability. 

  • We only use DFWVGA tournament scores of previous year.

  • This Index purpose is to help our members to select which flight to play in our monthly tournament.

Calculation formula:

  • Take your adjusted gross and subtract the course rating of the tees you played. The course rating has a decimal, e.g., 71.3. The result is called a differential”.

  • Divide the result of No. 1 by the Slope of the tees you played and multiply by 113. The result is an “adjusted differential”.

  • Take the lowest 10 of your last 20 adjusted differentials, add them together and multiply by 96%.

  • Divide the result of No. 3 by 10. Drop everything after the tenths. The result is your index.

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