1. Inclement weather procedure:

  • 2 air horns will be assigned to 2 playing members at the beginning of each tournament.

  • When first hearing thunder or seeing lightning, there will be phone/texts message between air horn keepers and tournament rule official.

  • Players will be notified by one (1) blast of the warning horn, seek shelter immediately and when it safe return to club house for further instruction.

  • Restart: when you hear one (1) blast of air horn again.

  • Tournament cancel: Three (3) consecutive blast of air horn.

2. Tournament delay/cancelled because weather inclement 

  • Tournament delay/cancellation after starts due to natural causes.  Each player have the right to stop playing due to safety concerns such as hail storms or lightning but he cannot leave course until the board terminates the tournament. Tournament procedure will be announce at the club house, return to club house and wait for the decision.

  • Tournament scoring due to cancellation of a partially finished round.  If the board decides to cancel a tournament due to natural disasters after playing has started, scoring will be calculated as follows: 

    • (a) if any of the players have not finished 12 holes and the tournament is cancelled, every paid players will received the same amount of TX Cup points based on the total number of points available divided by the number of paid players. 

    • (b) if all the players finished at least 12 holes, each players score will be calculated as follows 

      • (i) if a player finished 18 holes, his score stands 

      • (ii) if a player finish less than 18 holes, the remaining holes will be calculated as follow.  

        • DFWVGA handicap index decimal points is removed.

        • Stroke allocation:Handicap index allocate starting with the hardest handicap hole. 

        • For example, if a player finished 17 holes and his last hole is hole #5 and this hole is the hardest hole of 18 holes and he has a handicap of 1, he gets a bogey for that hole.  If he has a zero handicap, he gets a par and if he has 19 handicap, he gets a double bogey. See attach file.

        • If a player does not have a handicap, he will have a DNF score for the tournament.  If DFWVGA don't have a handicap for a player and if a player has one, he has to provide it before tournament starts

  •        If a Tournament is cancelled due to natural causes and unforeseen circumstances, each player who have registered at the registration deadline, will have an opportunity to play a make up round.


        The board will set the guidelines for the make up round.


         Participation points will be given to a player who have registered at the registration deadline but are unable to play a  make round.


         A registered player who dropped out before the Cancellation Notice do not qualify; no participation points, no make up round.