Texas Cup Team Qualifying:




September 25-26


Earning TX Cup Points:                                                                                                                         

  • TX Cup points are awarded to DFWVGA Vietnamese members for all official DFWVGA tournaments as follows: 

    • Each tournament, 50 points are awarded for participation

    • Each tournament, additional points are awarded based on individual GROSS scoring. For details about point distribution, please refer to DFWVGA website: https://www.dfwvga.com/texascup-leaderboard

      • Regular tournament: 1X point

      • Major tournament: 1.5X point

      • Club Championship tournament: 2X point (if one round; if Club Championship tournament two rounds, points are awarded 1X point for each round)


Qualifying for TX Cup Team:                                                                             

  • Eligible DFWVGA members must play a minimum of 2 tournaments

    • Club Championship tournament counts 2 tournaments (sanctioned by DFWVGA)

  • Top 22 TX Cup points earners after Club Championship tournament automatically qualify for the TX Cup team

    • If more than one player tied for 22nd, tie breaker is used to determine the 22nd player. For details about tie breaker, please refer to Tie Breaker section below.


TX Cup Captain Picks:              

  • TX Cup Captain has 2 captain picks

  • Once the top 22 have been determined, if any of the top 22 cannot participate, TX Cup captain picks replacement

  • Once the top 24 have been determined, the next 2 highest point earners available is picked as Alternate/Reserve players


Tie Breaker:     

  • First tie breaker: Club Championship tournament participation

    • If one player does not participate in Club Champs tournament, participating player wins

  • Second tie breaker: Low score for Club Championship tournament

    • If Club Championship tournament 2 rounds, total score is used

  • Third tie breaker: Hole(s) handicap for Club Championship tournament

    • If Club Championship tournament 2 rounds, average is used

  • Fourth tie breaker (and beyond): If neither player participates in Club Championship tournament, tournament prior to Club Championship tournament is used, etc.



  • TX Cup Captain has complete authority on ALL TX Cup related issues. No discussion needed

  • Player(s) unable to participate in TX Cup MUST notify TX Cup Captain no later than 2 weeks prior to TX Cup weekend                  

  • TX Cup played away (in Houston)

    • Per agreement, home team must provide TX Cup venue to away team by June 1

    • Between June 1 and TX Cup weekend, we will plan several trips to practice at TX Cup venue

  • Historically, whichever team is ahead going into Sunday usually wins TX Cup. Recently, Houston has owned us in Saturday morning best ball. With this in mind:

    • Provide TX Cup Captain your top-3 choices as partners

      • Do not limit yourself to just one partner

      • Conversely, ‘I can play with anyone’ is not acceptable

    • We play a lot of golf throughout the year. Play more best ball matchplay with potential partners in outings throughout the year! Do not wait until TX Cup season to do so

  • Fun fact: We have never lost a TX Cup when each player earns at least half point!


TX Cup Captain Contact Information:                                                                                                   

  • I will create ‘groupme” or group text or email to communicate to every TX cupper

  • Do not hesitate to reach out to me via Text, Email or Phone directly.  Your opinion is very important to our success.

  • Derek Nguyen or DN: dnn70@yahoo.com, 469-734-9558