Texas Cup Team Qualifying:




Texas Cup Qualifying rules:

  • There will be 24 TX cup spots.  2 earned via Match Play Tournament throughout the season and 22 by Ryder cup point earning.  Up to 2 spots available if the match play champions are already in the top 22 in which case, players in positions 23 and 24 are in.  

  • To qualify for TX Cup, player must play a minimum of 2 tournaments sanctioned by DFWVGA.

  • If match play champions did not decide by September 15, 2019, then top 24 of Ryder Cup points will be in TX cup team. 


Earning TXCup Points:

  • TXCup points are awarded to members based on individual GROSS scoring at all the official DFWVGA tournaments. TXCup Points are percentage based. 

  • Tie breaker (In the event of a tie for 24th)

Tie breaker:

  • Taking the lowest scoring average of the five most recent tournaments, or the number of tournaments available.

Captains pick:​

  • In the event any player(s) from the Top 24 are unable to attend the TX Cup event, the Captain has sole discretion to select the alternate(s).

  • Player(s) that are unable to make the TX Cup must give the TX Cup Captain 2 weeks notice.

  • TX Cup Captain has overall decision on all TX Cup related issues that may arise that are not spelled out in the website. 

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