Golf Course Rules and General Info

Date:  March 6th 2021
Location: Irving Golf Club. 2000 E. Shady Grove Rd, TX 75065 – 972-457-0772 (irvinggolfclub.org).
Check in Time: 7:30 AM Saturday 

Shotgun Start Time: 9:00 AM

Number of players: 100+

Tee Box: Black Tee (6632 yards).  All male players will be playing from BLACK tees and RED tees for female

Close to the pin (CTP): Nicklaus - Hole #8, Palmer – Hole #16, Hogan – Hole #12

Hole in one (HIO): All flight: Hole #18, Prize: Luraco Legend Message Chair MSRP $7990 sponsor by Dr. Kevin Le


Local and USGA Rules of Golf govern all play. 

  • Play as it lies in accordance with USGA rules except in bunkers and lost ball.

    • Bunker – 2 options

      • Play as it lies or

      • Lift, clean and place (the ball to its original location or place it within one club length of the ball not closer to the hole).  The player may use any tools to smooth out the sand prior to placing the ball.

    • Lost balls play as lateral hazards. Drop 2 club length where the ball enters the tree line, rough, fairway and take one stroke penalty (this is a local rule and will be implemented due to pace of play)

  • Rangefinders with slope is allowed

  • Tree lines right and left of fairway play as lateral hazards meaning if loss ball, the player may drop 2 club length from edge of tree line where the ball crosses the tree line margins and incur a one stroke penalty or take other options in accordance with USGA rule

  • Embedded ball: the player drops the original ball or a substituted ball (if damaged) within one club-length of (but not closer to the hole) the spot right behind where the ball was embedded.  This rule not applied to lateral areas, not in the rough, hazard.

  • Course will paint GUR in damaged fairway for players to take relief.  If your ball does not lie inside these areas, play as it lies

  • Hole #9, there is a rope on the left side indicates Out of Bound (OB) line. Play it as OB rule using 2 options below

    • Re-tee (take 1 stroke penalty), or declare/hit provisional ball to save time

    • Golfer has option to drop the ball in the vicinity of where the ball is OB (include the nearest fairway), under a two stroke penalty

    •  #11, there is a nursery area nears #12 green which mark as GUR, take 2 club lengths not closer to the hole outside of the nursery/temp green.

  • Fencing along the left side of #8, #9 play as penalty areas according to Irving GC (see pics below)

  • Double Par Pick-up, you must pick up your ball and move onto the next hole once you have shot double par for that hole. Ex: Par 3 hole, once you have shot your sixth stroke, you should pick up your ball and move onto the next hole even if you haven't holed-out.

  • Gimme Putt: in the spirit of the tournament, PLEASE PUTT OUT

  • Mud ball: players allowed to lift, clean and place the ball on the fairway during wet conditions.

  • Time for search ball: the time for a ball search (before the ball becomes lost) has been reduced to 3 minutes.

  • When in doubt: discuss it with playing partner and/or play 2 balls.  Will discuss with rule committee/clubhouse at the end of the round.

  • Casual Water: free relief, place it at the nearest point that avoids the casual water that is no nearer the hole.



Tim Nguyen:        President –                        972-591-6742

Christian Hoang: Tournament Director –      469-316-2026

Khanh Lieu:          Handicap Chairman –       316-250-4664

Derek Nguyen:     TX Cup Captain –             469-734-9558

James Banh:         Challenge Cup Captain – 214-621-1235

Kim Nguyen:         Sponsorship Manager –   469-556-9854

Irving Golf Course:                                         972-457-0772

Tournament Rules


Govern by USGA rules, Local rules and DFWVGA rules.

DFWVGA Rules: 

Double par max: All Flights

There will not be any Net winners for each flight

Tournament maybe cancel during play if the following occurs:

  1. Inclement weather

  2. Only Hole(s) finished by ALL PLAYERS will count as scores.

  3. Tournament Trophies: there will be no Trophies award if the total complete holes by ALL players are 13 or less.

  4. Ryder Cup points: will be award by ranking regardless of the number holes complete.

  5. All birdies hunt pots will be cancel.

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