SCORECARD Instructions & Result Process

Tournament Scorecard Instructions

  1. All players must print name and score, must be legible 

    1.1 First Name and Last Name; No Initial


  2.  Use 1, 0, and -1 … etc

    2.1 Total up your score

    2.2 Circle your Birdie and Eagle only, do not circle Pars

  3. Make sure you start recording on your starting Hole, not Hole 1

  4. Two scorecards per group for verification, in case of a recording error after the round


  5. Turn one scorecard as the Official Scorecard for the group 

     5.1 All players within the group are required to verify their own score 

       5.1.1 Each player within the group must sign the Official Scorecard

     5.2 Scorecard recording errors are grounds for Tournament Disqualification

       5.2.1 Once and after the Scores are submitted and error is reported, the Scorecard will go under review

     5.2.2 The DFWVGA Board will review and make a decision on correcting the error

              or issue a Disqualification for a Player and/or the Group


  6. Photograph the scorecard and send to 

     6.1 and/or the tournament GroupMe


  7. The Tournament Director will collect all physical scorecards 

     7.1 The group representative must give the physical Scorecard to an DFWVGA officer


Tournament Results Process

   1. Tournament Director

     1.1 Insures that the course provide a scorecard for each cart

     1.2 Instruct players on scorecard process (photo and present card to an officer)

     1.3 Collect all physical scorecards after the rounds (to archive)

     1.4 Record on Google Drive Excel

     1.5 Publish results on within 24 hours when the tournament ends


   2 President

     2.1 Verfies and Certifies Tournament Results

     2.2 Calculate tie breakers as needed

     2.3 Announces Winners


  3 Captain(s)

    3.1 To apply results to TX Cup and TX Challenge Points system


  4 HCP Director

     3.2 To apply results to HCP System

Pairings, Groupings, and Hole Assignment process

   1. After the Tournament Registration deadline, usually one week from Tournament Day

   2. The TX Cup Captain will pair up the Match Play players on Sunday night

        and provide the pairings    information to the Tournament Director

   3. The Tournament Director will do the Groupings, based on the various requests from various players

   4. The Tournament Director will work with the golf course on Hole Assignment and publish

   5. The TD will publish an official email containing the following information on Monday

     5.1 Tournament Site

     5.2 Tournament Itinerary 

     5.3 Tournament Rules (Captain’s duty)

     5.4 Tournament Groupings and Hole Assignment

     5.5 Scorecard instructions 

     5.6 Link to the tournament GroupMe (optional for players to join)